Week 1: Shifting Your Mindset from Hobby to Business

  • Get clear on your dreams and desires so you know what you need to do to reach your goals

  • Identify fears, limiting beliefs, and unhealthy habits, plus create an action plan to move past them

  • De-clutter your life to make room for massive growth!


Week 2: Deciding on Your Writing Business Model

  • Make SMART goals for yourself and your business to keep you on track and making consistent progress

  • Learn to effectively organize your time, so you spend more time writing (and less on the tasks you hate)

  • Choose a business model and strategy that is authentic and fits your lifestyle and writing goals


Week 3: Identifying Your Ideal Reader

  • Create a comprehensive ideal reader profile, so you know exactly who you’re talking to!

  • Learn to use your personal story and experiences to create authentic connections with fans

  • Get to know real-life examples of your ideal readers, so you can speak to them on an emotional level


Week 4: Implementation Week


Week 5: Deciding on Your Niche

  • Narrow down your genre and sub-genre, so your readers know exactly what to expect

  • Identify the gaps in your genre, so you can add your own unique twist!

  • Learn to become the author to watch in your niche so your potential readers remember you

Week 6: Developing Your Messaging

  • Discover emotional keywords that resonate with your audience and motivate them to buy

  • Learn to share your values, story, and personality, so you can earn your readers’ trust

  • Begin tailoring your social posts to potential readers, so they feel like you’re talking just to them


Week 7: Creating Your Visual Brand

  • Learn to visually represent yourself and your stories, so your imagery matches the tone of your writing

  • Compile a visual brand book you can give to graphic designers and get results that appeal to your audience

  • Create a mood with colors, fonts, and imagery that magnetically attracts your ideal readers!


Week 8: Implementation Week



Week 9: Building Your Audience

  • Create a freebie that catches your readers’ attention, so they can’t wait to read more!

  • Build an email sequence that guides future readers from discovering you exist to buying your book

  • Set up organic systems that grow your email list, so you have control over your communication (take that, algorithm!)

Week 10: Your Social Media Strategy

  • Develop a dynamic Instagram presence that uses #bookstagram to connect with readers and book reviewers

  • Learn to use live video to help your readers get to know, like, and trust you, so they will want to support you on your journey

  • Discover the key to an effective social strategy, so you make more connections with less overwhelm


Week 11: Essential Elements of Your Website

  • Use step-by-step tutorials to build a website that converts book browsers to buyers and fans

  • Apply your visual branding strategy to photos, colors, and fonts

  • Connect your list-building freebie to your website

Week 12: Implementation week


module four

Week 13: Your Signature Product

  • Identify what makes your book(s) marketable in your genre

  • Learn to write compelling back cover copy

  • Get the behind-the-scenes scoop on what makes a best-selling book cover

Week 14: Navigating Traditional Publishing

  • Learn the role of an agent

  • Put together effective pitches and proposals

  • Decide if traditional publishing is the right option for you


Week 15: Exploring Indie and Self-Publishing

  • Evaluate the pros and cons of indie/self-publishing

  • See the behind-the-scenes mechanics of creating and launching a book

  • Decide if indie/self-publishing is right for you and your book genre

Week 16: Implementation Week


Week 17: Creating a Strategic Marketing Plan

  • Incorporate each previous module to create a customized approach

  • Make SMART marketing goals for your book(s)

  • Decide what social media approach is best for you


Week 18: Covering your business backside

  • Create customized spreadsheets to track income and deductible expenses

  • Learn how to calculate quarterly taxes for your writing business

  • Set up an LLC and legal/privacy pages


Weeks 19: Creating Your 90-Day Action Plan

  • Set SMART goals for yourself and your writing business

  • Create a to-do list and schedule to take action on your goals

  • Set up accountability to keep you on track


Week 20: Implementation Week

  • BONUS Celebration call with your fellow OWN YOUR STORY students