Your road isn't an easy one.

When you first started writing, you wanted to discover new worlds in your imagination, go on adventures with your characters, and share the experience with others who love stories.

Maybe even write a book that would positively impact the life of the girl you used to be.

But in today’s over-saturated market, you can't just write a book.

You have to overcome an author’s biggest challenge: GETTING VISIBLE.


Now you are…

  • Living on social media, talking about your book to people who don’t care

  • Staring at the barrage of marketing strategies you “should” be doing.

  • Too busy spinning the hamster wheel of your to-do list to even get to write

  • Feeling stuck, frustrated, and confused about what steps to take to get you to the next level

You wish someone would show you exactly how to connect to your readers without sacrificing your art and sanity. And that voice in your head is telling you no matter how hard you try, you’ll never be good enough.

Trust me. You’re not alone.

Meet Claire, an Own Your Story graduate.

I’d been publishing independently for five years, but while I was happy with my books, I felt stuck—like I didn’t know how to push it to the next level or what steps to take. This course changed all of that.
— Claire Banschbach, YA fantasy author and 2019 Realm Award finalist

You can achieve dreams you never thought possible.

Your stories aren’t silly or a waste of time. They are precious and beautiful and so absolutely needed in the world today.

You can…

  • Scroll through Instagram and see new fans posting photos of your book cover

  • Squeal with fangirls shipping your characters.

  • Check your email and find an acceptance letter from your dream publisher.

  • Find out your story will be featured in your favorite book box, complete with gorgeous swag.

  • Sign with that agent you never thought would give you a second glance.

  • Learn to do less, but more strategically, so you can enjoy authentic relationships with your readers and still have time to write.

You can do it, girl.






Course Modules

OWN YOUR STORY is a five-month branding and business course designed for women authors like you.

It shifts the way you think about your writing and branding, so you make strategic choices and get more momentum with less time and effort. It guides you, step-by-step, through the process of discovering your authentic brand and setting up a simple strategy that attracts readers who will love and invest in your stories.

OWN YOUR STORY isn’t a do-it-yourself info-dump that leaves you more confused and overwhelmed than when you started. It’s a vibrant community of like-minded women who are taking the same journey, keeping you accountable so you see consistent progress, and supporting you every step of the way.


This group course includes

  • Personalized feedback on assignments, so you never feel stuck or unsure what to do next

  • Downloadable workbooks so you can apply the concepts to your own brand

  • A private Facebook community where you can get specific support and feedback from other women authors

  • Recorded Q&A video calls with industry guest experts (see “Bonuses” for an introduction to our experts)

  • Weekly live video group coaching calls for personal support, encouragement, and guidance so you can convert what you’re learning into practical, actionable steps

Part 1 of the course focuses on mindset and branding. You will get clear on your vision for your writing career (no more wasting time and money trying to figure it out), learn to effectively manage your time (goodbye social media suck), and develop an authentic author brand so you stand out from the crowd, instead of getting lost in the noise.

Part 2 of the course gives you practical tools to build your writing business. It walks you through setting up systems to naturally and consistently gain new readers, so you’re not constantly struggling to promote your work. You’ll learn to create a marketable book you know will sell (no more crickets, thanks!), make strategic publishing choices so you can avoid common pitfalls, and set up your business back-end to run smoothly, so you can get back to your writing desk.

Let's take a look at the course modules. 

MODULE ONE: Laying the foundation

  • Clarify your dreams and goals

  • Choose a business module that is both authentic and profitable

  • Identify your ideal reader, so you can connect with them on an emotional level.

MODULE TWO: Communicating your brand

  • Decide on your genre and unique twist

  • Discover emotional keywords that resonate with your audience and motivate them to buy

  • Create a visual brand that magnetically attracts your ideal readers by conveying the tone of your stories 

MODULE THREE: Building your platform

  • Create a free offer and email sequence that guides future readers from discovering you exist to buying your book

  • Learn to leverage social media to help your readers get to know, like, and trust you, so they will want to support you on your journey

  • Use step-by-step tutorials to build a website that converts book browsers to buyers and fans

MODULE FOUR: Promoting your product

  • Learn to write compelling back cover copy and create a book cover that sells

  • Get the tools for creating dynamic pitches and proposals and weigh the pros and cons of traditional publishing

  • Explore the opportunities of indie/self publishing and make an educated decision about if it’s right for you 

MODULE FIVE: Developing your business plan

  • Evaluate and make a strategic action plan to maximize your online presence

  • Set up your business entity and systems for streamlining taxes

  • Create a 90-day action plan and organize accountability so you’re primed for consistent, strategic growth




Investing in yourself and your writing is SCARY.

It means believing in yourself, not the naysayers. It means risking failure, opening yourself up to looking like a fool to everyone who's told you that writing just isn't profitable. (Guess what? They told me that too). 

It means leaping without guarantees, believing in yourself and your passion and your work SO MUCH that you are willing to push through your fear. Does greatness come from anything less? 

Early in my journey, an extremely successful entrepreneur said she always tries to make decisions based on her goals, not her fears. To choose her actions according to what could go gloriously right, not everything that could go wrong. 

Wise words, right? 

But acting boldly and choosing to pursue your dreams RIGHT NOW (not in a few months, or years, or someday—which really means never) is an investment you won't regret.

How much are you willing to invest to make your dreams come true? 

Enrolling in the five-month OWN YOUR STORY group course is a one-time investment of $2,499 or twelve monthly payments of $249. [Note: Custom payment plans available. Set up your Discovery call with the button below to talk to me in person about your options].

But the true investment in this course comes from your heart. It's making time every week to show up for yourself, answer the tough questions, do some soul-searching with your OWN YOUR STORY sisters, and take action on your dreams. 

So, we're back to you. Are you ready to create a stand-out author brand and nurture an authentic community of ideal readers and fans? Will you do what it takes to build a profitable writing business, so you can have time and financial freedom to pursue your passions and tell the stories that really matter? 

ENROLLMENT CURRENTLY CLOSED: Sign up for updates to be notified when enrollment opens again Fall 2019.


What authors

are saying...

If you want really quality, personalized feedback on author branding, I would take this course. It’s done huge things for my confidence, knowing where to go, and what steps to take next.
— Emily Hayse, YA fantasy author
Katie was so encouraging! She asked insightful questions about our branding and she was constantly pushing us to dig deeper, to get more specific. I highly recommend the Own Your Story course!
— Michelle Bruhn, Own Your Story graduate


Access the video vault of book industry experts

Meet our guest experts!

One of the things I love most about the writing community and my authorpreneur journey is learning from others who are a little further down the road. So, I'm thrilled to introduce the industry experts who have shared their knowledge and expertise through OWN YOUR STORY recorded Q&A calls! 

Michelle Knight.jpg

Michelle Knight with Brandmerry

Michelle is a prestigious branding and business coach who works with women entrepreneurs to use their story to get visible and up-level their business. She's been featured on multiple podcasts and has built her six-figure business from the ground up - all while raising a busy little boy!

Michelle talks about...

  • Getting visible online

  • Creating an authentic story brand

  • Building a business, while being a mom

Emilie Hendryx.jpg

Emilie Hendryx, with @Create.Explore.Read

This amazing woman is the queen of all things bookish! She runs an online store featuring swag for book lovers, and she's also an incredible bookstagramer, sharing book reviews and bookish love with over 15,000 avid readers! 

Emilie gives the scoop on...

  • What the heck is bookstagram?

  • How to use Instagram to connect with readers

  • Tips for creating a cohesive Instagram/bookstagram theme

Kirk DouPonce.jpg

Kirk DouPonce with DogEared Designs

Kirk is an multiple award-winning book cover designer, whose work has been used by publishers like Enclave, Bethany House, Harper-Collins, and many more. He’s also a tremendously kind person with a wealth of industry knowledge and experience.

Kirk talks about…

  • The right type of covers for your genre

  • What makes a best-selling book cover

  • How to work with a book cover designer

AnnaHenke-80 (1).jpg

Anna Henke of The Resident Writer

This lady is the entrepreneur behind the blog and business The Resident Writer. She brings to the table 6+ years of experience in traditional publishing and marketing, having worked for Baker Publishing, and she specializes in writing sales and book back cover copy.  

She shares...

  • How to identify your book's hook

  • Back cover copy: fiction versus non-fiction

  • The formula for back cover copy that sells

ac williams .jpg

Amy Williams with Studio 1212

Amy is a multi-published author, co-founder of an indie press, and the mastermind behind Studio 1212, a tech help service for creative businesses struggling to make technology work for them. She has years of experience as a corporate webmaster and sales copywriter, before launching Studio 1212 to help other entrepreneurs on their journey through building websites and tech tutorials. 

She answers questions about...

  • The key components of a professional website

  • The great debate: Squarespace or Wordpress

  • How to integrate your freebie with your website

Chris Morris headshot.jpg

Chris Morris, CPA [LIVE Q&A!]

Chris Morris has worked in accounting and finance for two decades. He has developed niche expertise for creative entrepreneurs and specifically authors, which now represent more than 65% of his clients. He lives and breathes the business world of the creative entrepreneur.

Chris will be sharing about…

  • What every creative needs to know about taxes

  • Insider tips on recording business expenses

  • How to manage your taxes with losing your mind



Frequently Asked Questions 

Do you have a payment plan option?

Absolutely! I offer a standard 12-month payment plan of $249 a month, or contact me to arrange your custom payment plan.

What's included in the course? 

The five-month course includes workbooks, weekly group coaching calls, a private Facebook page to discuss course materials and get feedback on assignments, and access to the video vault of Q&A calls with industry experts. Each month-long module includes three weekly lessons, and an implementation week. The course will launch May 1 and course lessons will be released every Monday. See the Course Modules section for details. 

I don't have a book out yet. Is this course for me? 

YES! Branding yourself and marketing your books is one of the biggest challenges authors face today, so starting early is always better! Build your brand and tribe now, before your book releases, so you KNOW you'll have readers (and book sales!) when the big day comes. 

What makes your course different from other branding/marketing resources? 

In a word: Support. Sure, you can DIY your marketing or use free or self-guided courses. I took that route myself for several years. But figuring it out on your own can take years longer. And honestly? Most authors quit long before they see success.

My goal with this course is not to throw more information at you. It's to guide and support you along each step of your unique journey. To answer your questions when you get stuck, and provide encouragement and accountability to you on your pursuit of your dreams. 


How many hours a week should I expect to spend on the course? 

The course is designed to be flexible with your schedule, so you can spend as much or as little time as you choose on the coursework. You will get out of the course what you're willing to invest in it. Most authors can expect to spend 2-3 hours a week to complete the workbooks and tutorials, as well as participate in the weekly one-hour coaching sessions. 

Note: You have access to the course materials (including any resources added in subsequent sessions) for the lifetime of the course. So, you can always go back to anything you didn’t get a chance to complete during the five-month course session.

Will you be offering this course again? Enrollment opens for a short time in Spring and Fall 2019. Make sure and join my newsletter list to receive updates!

ENROLLMENT IS CURRENTLY CLOSED: Sign up for updates to be notified when enrollment opens Fall 2019.

Katie’s branding coaching took my marketing to the next level. She got right to the heart of my biggest issue, asking the right questions and offering expert insight. Now I have a game plan and I’m truly excited and confident!
— Margaret McGriff, author of the New Earth series
Katie’s love for helping authors shines through! I loved her training on finding your niche as an author. It helped me organize my thoughts on who I write for and why.
— S.D. Grimm, author of the Children of the Blood Moon series
S.D. Grimm.jpg
Kalyn Cummins (2).jpg
Katie helped me understand how to focus and fine-tune my social media messaging, so I could authentically connect with my ideal reader. It was the missing piece I needed to make sense of all the social media advice that sounded easy, but was hard to put into action!
— K.A. Cummins, author of middle grade fiction


Hi, I'm Katie.

This is my story. 

Hi, I'm Katie!

I'm a fiction editor and author coach. Also, a lover of all things nerdy and especially chocolate-covered strawberries.

I work with women authorpreneurs who are struggling to gain clarity and confidence in their story, and make a profit from their passion, to up-level their writing craft and career. I help them refine their writing skills to create engaging stories that grab the attention of readers, editors, and agents, while guiding them to clarify their niche, get visible in a crowded online marketplace, and develop a strategic marketing plan so they can run a profitable writing business. 

I bought into the lie early that creative writers can't make money. 

My best friend and I, headed to my first writer's conference at age 19!

My best friend and I, headed to my first writer's conference at age 19!

I grew up a voracious reader with parents who encouraged my love of books and taught me to write. I loved creating my own stories and diving into new and fabulous worlds between the pages of books. In high school, I started writing my own stories with a couple close friends. Eventually, I gathered the courage to try writing my own stories (which, of course, I showed only my best friend). But I still didn't think it could be anything more than a hobby

That my passion for fiction could only be a hobby, nothing more. For years, I let my fears overrule my dreams.

Yet, I couldn't deny the stories burning inside my heart, waiting to be told. I knew I was meant for so much more. 

I wanted to be my own boss. 

I wanted the time freedom to be there for my friends and family when they needed me most. 

I wanted to encourage and equip women authors to break the creative glass ceiling and create a writing business and life they loved. 

Two years ago, I made the decision to launch my own writing business.

I had no money. No idea how to run a business. No clients. Just a passion for writing and determination to find a way to make my dreams a reality. Yet, through hard work, perseverance, and the generosity of a few key people, I began to get clients. I began to grow my business. 

Starting a creative writing business from nothing was the hardest thing I've ever done. So many times I wanted to give up. 

I'd stalled out in my business growth. I'd tried everything to get visible and grow my client base, but kept getting crickets. I knew I had so much more I wanted to offer and accomplish, but I couldn't get there on my own. I needed help from someone who'd traveled that road before me. 

But we were broke newlyweds. My husband had lost his job three months before our wedding, and was working two part-time jobs just to make the bills. How could I spend thousands of dollars on my business? 

I got to meet Michelle in person at a writer's conference this summer!

I got to meet Michelle in person at a writer's conference this summer!


This time last fall, I enrolled in a branding and business group course hosted by respected coach Michelle Knight. Since that time, I've more than doubled my monthly income and grown my vibrant, engaged community by hundreds, 

I'm now visible online to my ideal audience. I have a clear business model and marketing strategy. I created an author brand that feels authentic to myself and my values. I've organized my business to give me a lifestyle of freedom and genuine connection. 

Most of all, I've invested in the lives of so many women authorpreneurs who inspire me every day and invite me into their journey to tell the stories that really matter. 

I've made my dream a reality, and so can you. Only you have the power to write a new ending for your story.